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"While it's advertised as not a helmet replacement, it still saved her tonight."

To Robert, the genius behind this amazing product, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

My daughter has been a figure skater for a few years now, so she's doing pretty fun jumps and spins and generally has good balance with minimal falls, but hasn't worn a helmet in a long time because it's cumbersome. A few moms at the rink have your Figure Skating Middie for their daughters. I thought it was just a headband, but when one mom told me it was a helmet of sorts, I had to have it for my daughter, (she loves the pink dots!!)

"My son falls a lot due to epileptic seizures and he loves his new hat."

My son falls a lot due to epileptic seizures and he loves his new hat. Although not a helmet, it offers amazing protection and best of all, he enjoys wearing it and you could never tell it is a protective hat. It looks like a regular beanie cap. It was affordable and a very worthwhile purchase in my opinion.


"It's perfect."

It's perfect. I would love to be a spokesperson for you here in Iowa. I think this could help a lot of people. I'm a member of a lot of head injury groups. Thank you for saving my head. It help up beautifully in 91 degree weather at the Cedar Falls Fair tonight.


"Thanks for keeping our guys safe, and for making them maintain a DIGNIFIED look!!!!"

Our son Nicky carries a diagnosis of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and after two VERY bad falls this week, was told he needs to wear a helmet.



We have been trying to avoid that.

"I recommend these helmets to anyone with a little one who skates!"

Wonderful product. My daughter uses her Crasche Middie every time she skates. It’s doesn’t slip and slide on her head and she never complains about having to wear it. The stretchy material helps to fit it over her head and keep it snug in place and the pattern is a lot of fun. We lost a piece and were able to call customer service for help. They answered on the first ring and solved the problem immediately. I recommend these helmets to anyone with a little one who skates!


"They've been an absolutely lifesaver."

I own two Crasche beanies, and they've been an absolutely lifesaver. As an adult with epilepsy, it's given me better peace-of-mind knowing that I can get up in the middle of the night wearing my Crasche and feel protected. It's also been great for days that I'm feeling "off" and want a little extra reassurance getting through the day. I've been a fan since 2015, and I recommend them to anyone with epilepsy that wants a helmet for simple safety reasons.


"They work wonderful."

I got several for my grandson with epilepsy. They work wonderful as it was bad when he would fall and hit his head. No more big bumps and swelling.


"Most importantly, I can say it works."

The Crasche Middie figure skating headband is low-profile head protection gear that works. I'm an adult figure skater who skated for many years before I had a concussion from someone who pushed off the boards without looking and ran into me. I used my son's hockey helmet for a few months, and it was comfortably protective but too bulky for figure skating. I felt lucky not to have suffered a serious TBI, but even a "mild" concussion felt pretty awful and I probably walked around like a zombie for a while.

"I purchased my Crasche hat for curling after getting my third concussion."

I purchased my Crasche hat for curling after getting my third concussion (none of them on the ice.) I wore it last week at curling and not only is it very comfortable but also cute! The other women curlers were surprised to see how sturdy the hat is while also being stylish. And the hat feels so good on my head, seriously taking away the dull headache I had, maybe from the gentle pressure from the hat? I absolutely love it and am recommending it to all other curlers!


"We never skate without them!"

Several of at my rink wear your Crasche figure skating helmet. I personally have had two crashes where they really saved the back of my head! I'm SOO glad my daughter and I wear them! We never skate without them! The girls at the rink and I wonder if we can buy just the band, so we can change colors for our different competition outfits. Thanks!


"The product is fabulous and serves our purpose very well!"

I want to thank Crasche and Bob for all the help they provided in making sure that I received exactly what I needed for my granddaughter. She suffers from drop seizures, too many to count in a day. When I contacted Bob about whether or not their product could protect her, he was most helpful in directing me to the correct headband for her needs. He also helped in facilitating the purchase, delivery, return, and exchange of those headbands to ensure that I received exactly what I needed of her.

"Just want to say Thanks for an AWESOME product!!!"

I just had a fall off my OneWheel board @ approx 15mph onto the concrete...Luckily I was wearing my Thrashe Hat & had only very minor scrapes...& the Hat stayed on my head the whole time throughout the accident...Just want to say Thanks for an AWESOME product!!!


"Thank you again for making products as this to give life back to those who are in need!"

Thank you so much and I love it! If there is a place where I can 5 star this company please let me know! Thank you again for making products as this to give life back to those who are in need!


"Thank you so much and thank you forever for changing my son's life!"

My son has Lennox-Gastuat Syndrome and the leading cause of fatality is from falls. We have tried every helmet ever created and the minute we put one on him and let go, it goes flying across the room. He may be intellectually challenged, but he knows what looks cool and what doesn't. And I'm sure they felt bulky and heavy as well. But, when we put his Crasche Hat on him and stood back, you could see him thinking about it for a second, then he went right back to what he was doing. He wore it the rest of the day and we had to take it off him when he fell asleep!

"I won't step on the ice without mine."

I could use some more of those small Crasche cards. A number of parents at the rink have bought Crasche hats and headbands because I gave them a card. I've even convinced adults to buy them. I won't step on the ice without mine.


"It actually prevented me from getting a third concussion."

I love your figure skating headband. I bought one a year ago because I got two concussions months prior (it wasn’t by doing anything cool, I promise lol)

An adult figure skater advised me to get one and so I did. I’m very happy with the product because it's a way better alternative than wearing a helmet while being a figure skater =)

It actually prevented me from getting a third concussion when I flew on the ice and landed on my side. My head actually bounced on the ice. Although my ribs and knees were bruised, my head was fine.


"Your hats have been amazing for my brother, who has epilepsy."

We talked a few years ago about business after I made a purchase on your site. Your hats have been amazing for my brother, who has epilepsy. They allow him to be protected without the embarrassment of always having to wear a epileptic helmet. Do you know when you'll have the Crasche " X 38 " cycling cap for sale online? Any chance of a Crasche baseball hat in the future? Hope all is well with business, thanks again for selling this product.

"She really loves the caps and seems much happier."

Unfortunately my daughter has been experiencing a higher amount of drop seizures since we spoke resulting in a few trips to emergency one in particular where she split the back of her head open. She is doing fine now we have received the two new caps which are really great the size is perfect and she has had so many comments how great they look. She really loves the caps and seems much happier. I also feel she is not so self conscious when in public and I have to tell you that although she was wearing a type of helmet before this is far more protective.

"The hats are both brilliant in design and comfortable to wear."

Thank you for your prompt handling of my order which was placed on Sunday and arrived today.

I was particularly impressed by your personal attention and phone call on Sunday only minutes after the web order was placed.

It is a pleasure to deal with a company that has such attention to detail.

And yes the hats are both brilliant in design and comfortable to wear.

"I can not speak enough about your product."

Good Afternoon- I am checking in to see if you have any retailers for your hats and bands? I have a small business in which we carry products for figure skaters. I am a figure skating coach, but more importantly I am an RN and a mom with a child that suffered a moderate concussion.

"We rave about your product."

Your headband has saved our 9 year old learning her axel from 2 possible concussions. We rave about your product.

"Thank you again for providing this product."

Thank you again for providing this product. I have purchased two of your hats for my daughter after she had several concussions; she easily concusses at this point with even small taps! Now I am purchasing one for my elderly father who has had several tumbles and has also hit his head. Thank goodness it was a small hit! Now we are going to use the hat!!!


"Thank you for saving my brother’s life"

I’d like to say thank you for saving my brother’s life. He is a six foot three man who suffers from epileptic seizures that come on with no warning. He had a seizure and fell head first into a table. Luckily, he had his Crasche helmet on and was completely fine.


"My 10-year-old asks if he can wear it all the time…can’t beat that!"

We’ve all been there at some point in our action sport lives…taken a good spill and should have been wearing a helmet. I’ve lost count, probably from memory loss, of the number of times this has happened to me.
Read the full review at

"It absorbed the impact!"

My name is Fran and my husband and son bought me the Crasche headband to protect me while I skate. I am an older skater- just started after I retired and I love it. I wear a helmet because I am not taking the risk of injuring myself in a fall. I did fall when I first skated and knocked myself out for 9 minutes. Scary stuff. I was toying with the idea of getting a halo but my husband didn’t think they were safe enough. He found your product instead.

"My son's hat arrived today and it's fantastic!"

My son's hat arrived today and it's fantastic! I got him the athletic mesh in black. I'm wondering if I can order the white one without the inserts so we have two color options? And are black and white the ONLY options for that hat? I'd love it in grey if that were at all possible.


"Wears it since he opened the pkg!!"

He loves the hat!!...wears it since he opened the pkg!! Thank you! May be ordering more soon! My son wants one...and my niece who plays sports in NJ needs one! Thanks so much!


"Alice loves her helmet!"

Alice loves her helmet!


"She was impressed with it"

I showed the hat that I purchased from you to my epileptologist at UMASS Memorial in Worcester MA. She has been a professor there for nearly 20 years. I go there to have my VNS implant maintained. She says that my seizures are some of the most dramatic she has seen in 20 years. She was impressed with it and took the information for your product to recommend to her patients, she is a specialist. I showed her your website and she stored it in the College Campus computer under helmets.


"I already feel safer."

I bought a navy winter knit a couple of days ago and it just came in the mail not even ten minutes ago. I am just thrilled. It is comfortable, warm, and I really don't think anyone will be able to tell unless they knock on it or I tell them. The protective inserts cover my entire head from front to back. I already feel safer. Thank you, Crasche!


"Brooklyn Ice loves their headbands..."

Brooklyn Ice loves their headbands......


"Thanks for a great product!"

Being visually impaired, Adam runs into things and trips over everything causing him to fall and hit his head all the time. Just received his Crasche hat yesterday and it has already helped during a fall at school today. Thanks for a great product!


"Your hats are perfect! When I started wearing it on the job no one even knew it had the inserts in it."

I just wanted to thank you for your product line. As a bald guy I need a little extra protection for the top of my head for incidental bumps and scrapes while I am working as a stagehand on Broadway. Your hats are perfect! When I started wearing it on the job no one even knew it had the inserts in it.

"I can honestly say, these hats are truly amazing!!!"

I wanted to write and tell you I really like the new summer mesh hats. Fantastic and they look totally appropriate for summer. I can honestly say, these hats are truly amazing!!!

"Thank you for a comfortable solution to our problem!"

My husband just received his summer Crasche hat. We are very impressed. He got a concussion from a hit on top of his head, this hat is perfect to protect the top of his head. He has been wearing a hard hat while waiting for this hat to arrive. The hard hat is very clumsy and not very comfortable. This hat seems perfect. We will be ordering a winter one. Hopefully, you will be selling them in Canada soon. Thank you for a comfortable solution to our problem!


"Your hats are FANTASTIC for the special needs community."

Your hats are FANTASTIC for the special needs community. The caps have some weight and offer protection. A person who might not have worn a helmet before, will wear the cap because they "are cool" and stylish. Your product can be a true life saver and G-d send to children with autism...and of course, their parents, around the world. I will make sure I get the word out in my area so that people know this is available.

"I bought a Crasche Hat for my son at Christmas"

I bought a Crasche Hat for my son at Christmas. He is 27 years old and I was afraid he would think it was silly. He loves it! He says it looks nice and it feel good. He rides a motorcycle without a helmet and this was better than nothing. I called and spoke to Bob at your company and he was helpful and nice. Thanks for a great product and great customer support!


"I just wanted to thank you for the on time delivery"

I just wanted to thank you for the on time delivery of the police hat for my son. I had waited till it was so late to order but it still arrived on the 24th. He has been wearing it on patrol and will for ski patrol as well. I own a business so I know that I like to hear that someone was happy. Kudos to you.


"Having had a few concussions I just always wear some type of protection"

Just ordered another one for this year. Just very comfortable teaching skiing in it. When you spend a great deal of time walking around with students before they are ready for the chairlift and yet enough protection in case you get knocked over, etc. Also, I actually wore it the second half (when it got cold) of my touch football season. Was really perfect for that. Last year I also used it as protection on winter hikes below the treeline. Having had a few concussions I just always wear some type of protection but do not always need the level provided by a helmet.

- Chris

"We received my daughters helmet today and I am beyond impressed."

"We received my daughters helmet today and I am beyond impressed. It is so much nicer than your photos show. She has Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (a rare and severe form of Epilepsy) and it has been a battle for years to get her to wear any sort of helmet to protect her head. We received the hat this afternoon and she hasn't taken it off since! She absolutely loves it! It is difficult to get a teenage girl to wear anything that makes her feel different and you guys have done something that no one has been able to do in a long time.... make her feel "normal"!

"Thank you so much for your wonderful product. We have been spreading the word to all about this amazing protective helmet."

"I am attaching photos of my son, Mario Ulizzi, wearing your crasche athletic helmet. We are so grateful that we have found your product for him. He is a 14 year old boy who is an avid soccer player and if it wasn't for your headgear, after his second surgery he would not be able to play the sport that he loves. After undergoing very invasive surgery to remove an orbital bone tumor, we were unsure if we could find protection to protect his head from the craniotomy that the doctors had to perform. After being displeased with what was offered to us by specialists, I began my own search.

"My patient has stopped getting concussions the with Crasche hat."

"Thank you for designing and making your excellent product at such a good price. I am a pediatric neurologist and help children with autism (not looking where they are going at times) and epilepsy (falls) and Chiari (bad if they get concussions).
This child had concussions so often due to a combination of not looking where he is going, constant motion, poor balance, and a big head - that he was having repeated vomiting with weight loss. Since he bought the Crasche hat, he has not had a concussion. He further is willing to keep it on and it does not make him look "special."

"THIS HAT is super comfy and my NEW CHOICE!"

"Hi, I got the hat last night. It's awesome! Thank you so much. If I may make one suggestion, you should have more customization with different fabrics and patterns. I see that you have a special needs alert on your website. I have severe, intractable epilepsy and am permanently disabled. I'd be more than happy and willing to be a spokesman and represent it for the great device it is. I've been forced to wear a helmet now just about 24 hours a day (except when sleeping) and THIS HAT is super comfy and my NEW CHOICE!"
- David "DJ"

"My son loves his beanie and it's saved him many times!"

"My son loves his beanie and it's saved him many times! Even though it's not designed specially for Epilepsy. His seizures make him fall and this has been the biggest blessing having the Crasche beanies!!" - Shannon

"Had she been wearing the Middie, she would have had no issue"

"Feel free to let US Lacrosse know that my daughter got a concussion when her head hit another players eye protection. The girl she collided with was OK (I suspect because the eyewear padding provided her with some safety), while my daughter got the concussion. Does that mean US Lacrosse thinks the eyewear is unsafe to other players? Had she been wearing the Middie, she would have had no issue and... neither would the other player. Lastly, I thought they had deemed the other design you had as safe as previously tested. Why is it no longer safe?"
- Bill

"It is a great solution."

"Just received my Crashe Hat and I have to say it is a great solution. I teach skiing on the weekends and have been looking for head protection that was not as warm and easier to wear than a helmet while teaching. Especially while on lower level lessons. First test was this past weekend and it was great. I don't need a full helmet for this solution, or while i am judging freestyle events so this works great! Let me know if you need an advocate or rep on snow in NH! Have a great day..."
- Chris

"We're both floored by how great of an idea this is."

"We just opened up the package and I have to say that we're both floored by how great of an idea this is.  My grandfather had a pretty serious fall last year and is now cautious about doing just about everything so we're hoping that this in his stocking will change all of that.  We also have two young daughters who are constantly in need of some extra protection so I think that it goes without saying that you've got some loyal customers now.

"A Great Product!"

"A great product. My son loves it and wears it when skating now. Great peace of mind for me and he feels safer now too. Can't wait for the baseball hat style."
- Beth Schweinefuss

"This is Perfect!"

"Wow, I've been told I should always be wearing a helmet, even around the house. This is perfect! :) "
- David Choi

"Comfortable and Stylish!"

"These hats are an excellent way to protect oneself and kids when doing outside activities! It is also very comfortable and stylish!"
- Moe Av

"Head Gear is So Important."

"Head gear is so important! If your kids (or you) won't wear a traditional helmet, please consider these!"
- Lisa Reed Mezik

"Good Idea for Anyone."

"Good idea for anyone. Especially if you're like me and spend more time falling than riding on the slopes!:)"
- Susanna Breslaoukhov

"Very Cool Idea."

"Very cool idea, good-looking, and the prices are reasonable."
- Wendy Lynn Low