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Special Needs Children & Adults Protective Headgear

The Crasche hat is not designed to replace a helmet.
It does not offer the protection of a helmet.

The SUMMER KNIT hat is best suited for Special Needs

Removable Protective Inserts

The hat is 100% Acrylic. It not only looks good, but offers protection from the elements. The six protective inserts are designed to be easily removed and re-inserted. It’s a stylish hat, with, or without, the protective inserts.

Impact-Resistant Hat - How it works

The outer layer of the six inserts are composed of an extremely strong polycarbonate plastic, the same material used to make bulletproof glass. The inner layers are composed of neoprene rubber, the same skin-friendly material used in making wet suits. The inner layer of neoprene rubber has trapped air in the rubber itself, and also in the larger air chambers. These air chambers help cushion the impact, and help spread the force of the impact over the entire protective insert.

Impact-Resistant Hat

The Crasche hat provides not only the impact protection that is needed for senior citizens and people with special needs, but the dignity with which they wish to be treated. This is a letter we received:

My name is Denise. I am a nurse at a 278 bed skilled nursing facility with 2 units specifically for dementia residents. On our dementia units we have residents that can ambulate independently, but at times due to their dementia, have falls. In the past we have used soft helmets that are cumbersome, ill fitting, and frankly not attractive.

A few months ago, I presented your Crasche hat to my Director of Nursing as an alternative to the helmets we were using.

Well, the Crasche hats have been a big hit with both the staff and the residents alike. You see, the residents have kept them on their heads, as it is both comfortable and wears like a regular hat. There have been cases where if they did not have the Crasche hat on, there could have been a more serious head injury. The staff likes the hat better as well because the residents will not take it off like they did the previous helmet. They also like how it looks. They feel that there is more dignity in the resident wearing the Crasche Hat as opposed to the helmet.


Denise, RN
Long Beach, Long Island, NY

The removable protective inserts help prevent serious head injury in the event of a fall and the hat provides a level of style and comfort that is not found with other head gear. The summer knit hat is best suited for indoor use.

Thanks for the easy transaction, product arrived last week. With an estimated 2-3% of population suffering from some form of epilepsy you should get the word out on the product to the various worldwide epilepsy associations and interest groups.

Best Regards,

PowerPak Kft.

Europacenter Logisztikai Park

Ezred u. 2. B2/6

1044 Budapest


My son loves his beanie and it's saved him many times! Even though it's not designed specially for Epilepsy. His seizures make him fall and this has been the biggest blessing having the Crasche beanies!! - Shannon

I am sending you a picture of my 93 year old mom with her helmet on. She has severe dementia and recently had a horrible fall (her fourth) that has required 25 staples and other abrasions. I was afraid she wouldn't keep it on or it would be uncomfortable as it is covering her bandages and she gets daily wound care. But the moment she had it on, she loved it and it made her feel safe. The picture shows her at her eye exam with it on. Thank you, I was at my wits end at what to do to make her safe. - Mari

Thank you - my mother has Alzheimer's - and I bought her first hat last month - she likes it ...wears it most of the day - she has fallen and had some serious head injuries recently - so we are trying this GREAT safety feature to lessen the severity of any future head injuries... ANYTHING is worth a try at this point - and the facility director loves it too. This is Mom's 2nd 'hat' I can swap them out for periodic cleaning. - Debra

The Crasche® hat is not designed to replace a helmet, but it is certainly a lot better than nothing on your head. For best results, wear the protective hat with the front of it covering your forehead, resting just above the eyebrow.
The Crasche® hat is available for bulk orders.